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Destoke: Alley

Destoke: Alley is a 4-player multiplayer arena deathmatch game. It started out as a fun project to see if the game engine (FPSC) was still usable after all these years. I started designing and creating the level sometime during thestart of 2021. I've planned to make a full game with multiple maps simply named "Destoke". I am trying to get it finished by the end of the year.

This game was challenging to make as it is made with old unstable software. I couldn't have finished this level without the help from the FPSC community.


This game was made with FPS Creator. Black Ice Mod by Nomad Soul & s4real. Thanks to Dark Lord for help getting the multiplayer working properly.


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Distant Lands screenshot 1 Distant Lands logo

Distant Lands

Distant Lands is a open-world text-based survival game, based on chance and randomness. You are put into an earth-like world with one objective: survive as long as you can.

A project I started based off an old idea: Text-based survival game. I worked on this game for some weeks early 2021. I might return to try and finish it, or re-make it as a top-down 2D game. Unfinished alpha version can be downloaded further down.



Distant Lands screenshot 2

This game is being made with AppGameKit.