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nxtseq - Condition

My instrumental hip-hop album. All ideas produced during 2020-2021. "You" includes a bonus beat at the end from 2017. Released through Vinyl Digital.

released 9th November 2021


  1. First Sequence
  2. June
  3. Vond Nakke
  4. Trial & Error
  5. For All Your Travels
  6. Recieve
  7. Wait for Something More
  8. You
  9. Late Fare


nxtseq - Gatelys

Second beat tape I released. Instrumental hip hop. More structured than the previous one. Produced 2020-2021 on various dates using mostly Maschine.

first released 3rd March 2021 / re-release 30th September 2021

Tracks with (*) are on Apple/Spotify. The rest is Bandcamp only.


  1. Skyline *
  2. Gearshift *
  3. Stardingle 97.99
  4. Nightclub Extract
  5. Crème de la Crème
  6. Heat *
  7. Earwaves (Katwe) *
  8. Swift Growing
  9. Spanish Flavour
  10. A Paste Copy
  11. Second Vibe
  12. Digg Kaffe / Interlude
  13. Mellow Summernight
  14. Bli Inne *
  15. Cocktish *
  16. From Argentina to Norway
  17. Kano
  18. Raw Ch2
  19. You Belong on Windows
  20. Handbag
  21. Drøfting / Outro *

Raw Meat

nxtseq - Raw Meat

My first proper thrown together beat tape. Instrumental hip hop. Weird stuff, demos, it's mostly a compilation of random beats I did in 2020. Most of it was done with the Maschine, some MPC, some ASR.

first released 1th October 2020 / re-release 30th September 2021

Tracks with (*) are on Apple/Spotify. The rest is Bandcamp only.


  1. Sex Cash *
  2. Alleyway
  3. Clyde
  4. Hong Kong *
  5. Eight
  6. Your Way
  7. Closed House
  8. Overcompressed
  9. Wind (Blue)
  10. Whore
  11. Sometimes Rmx
  12. Cerasus (Shenmue) *
  13. Answer is You
  14. 1992
  15. Lounge, Afternoon
  16. Loving You
  17. Long Way Home (You Were)
  18. Puiani
  19. Drive

Dr. Sample Archive

nxtseq - Dr. Sample Archive

Beat tape of SP303 beats just collecting dust in the archive. raw, gritty, whatever. I made most of these beats in 2020. All feeded into the SP404 for some DJFX bullshit. Enjoy!

released 7th July 2021


  1. Intro
  2. Porno (Apple Fresh - Hest Instrumental)
  3. Disco
  4. Gateways
  5. Diamonds
  6. Reasons
  7. Ace
  8. Holdning (w/ Dover)
  9. Your Ways
  10. Switzerland
  11. Sunsets
  12. Go W U
  13. To the 404
  14. Outro


Fattermanner - Exchange

Instrumental hip-hop / trip-hop record. Released under the name "Fattermanner".

«Exchange» is a discovery of vinyl, samples, samplers and sampling techniques. Crafted by hand through one man in his somber studio, it unearths a beautiful but hurt and lonesome creature in the dark. Wandering through stellar tracks filled to the brim by rare and forgotten samples, it’s a force not be reckoned with, but ends up as an experience you’d never anticipate. Experience. Exchange.

released 7th July 2021


  1. Exordium
  2. Made for Two
  3. Running Man
  4. World Time Four
  5. Ølkasselykke
  6. Cold Food
  7. Nights
  8. Breeze
  9. All Alone
  10. Anxiety Race
  11. Never One for Singing
  12. Exotic Walk
  13. Like That


Caravan Camel - Dust

Unreleased album under the name "Caravan Camel". Originally included in the Fat Man Miami "Rated F for Fat" compilation as a bonus release. Produced various dates from 2018-2019 using an ASR-10 and Ableton.

released 17th Feburary 2020


  1. Fever
  2. Wet Dunes
  3. I Feel It Fine
  4. Crimewave
  5. Acetate
  6. Atrium
  7. CC Florida
  8. Zambia


Caravan Camel - Lowkey

Unreleased EP from 2018 under the name "Caravan Camel". This was actually planned to be released under an artist name I never used, "Lowkeyman". I made most of these beats in the period 2017-2018.

released 25th July 2018


  1. Coldhopplar
  2. Light Spirit
  3. Scent of Life
  4. Certain Kind
  5. Right Side

The Takeshi Case

Focus Flya - The Takeshi Case

Instrumental hip-hop long-play with a story twist: an assassination is set in the derelict town on a man named Takeshi. The story follows detective Frank as he makes his way through the case.

When I went to Trondheim for a visit to my friend for a period of time, I went to one of the record shops one of the days. I bought around 86 records, and when I left Trondheim I had to carry a bag of all those records all the way through the train station. From the many hour long train ride downwards home, there went many many hours of discussion with Argentina elderly lady about record digging and sampling. She found it real interesting, and we had a huge talk about every bits of it.

After all those hours, I carried the bag throughout the arrival train station to the next lane, to take the last train ride home. All those records were used for making this beat tape.

This record was produced over two days using FL Studio 11 & Maschine.

released 20nd January 2018


  1. Place of Events
  2. Crisis / Rest
  3. Lounge Music
  4. Frank's Suite
  5. Safety Routine (Interlude)
  6. The Case Files / Frank's Theme
  7. Investigation Theme
  8. The Crime Scene
  9. Nightride ('82 Tape) / Romance Novels
  10. Close & Personal
  11. Strolling (Villain's Theme)
  12. The Break Room (Pause)
  13. Car Chase
  14. Metro Station Ambush (Jazz Cats)
  15. Last Seconds
  16. Meanwhile in the Actual Events
  17. Epilogue (Finale)
  18. Poetry & Afterthought
  19. After The Meal (Takano River)

Bonus tracks

  1. Motion
  2. Nightride ('82 Tape) - Extended

Animal Park

Fattermanner - Animal Park

Unreleased instrumental hip-hop / "trip-hop" record I did back in 2017. Acts like a demo tape. All music produced with FL Studio 11. Expect rough mixes but great ideas.

released 19th June 2017


  1. Cassette Runaway
  2. Rainforest
  3. Sunset in May
  4. (Lately) At Your Door
  5. Right at Home
  6. Animal Park
  7. Early Sunday Trainride
  8. Mainlands Suite 1: Green & Pasterized
  9. Mainlands Suite 2: Surrounded by Overdub Cats
  10. De Blauwe Dame (Daydream)
  11. World is Happy
  12. Folk 7" in the Corner / Soul Breath
  13. Paperback Trees
  14. Your Mind is Right Now
  15. Memory Lane